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Breather Membrane UV + Fire, ME010

ME010 is a hydrophobic polyester-based breather membrane with a Euroclass B fire rating.Black | ..

£478.80 Ex VAT: £399.00

Breather Membrane UV, ME011

ME011 is a special monolithic functional membrane covered with two layers of non-woven water-repelle..

£228.00 Ex VAT: £190.00

Duo Flexible Window Membrane, ME500

ME500 is an intelligent membrane providing perimeter window seal for airtight internal & weather..

£77.21 Ex VAT: £64.34

Endurance Tape, ME316

ME316 is a special PP fleece with waterproof solid adhesive. This single-sided adhesive tape for int..

£30.05 Ex VAT: £25.04

EPDM Membrane, ME220

0.75mm - Thickness20m per rollME220 EPDM membrane is used for weather sealing the connecting joint b..

£13.50 Ex VAT: £11.25

Internal Membrane Tape, ME317

ME317 is a single-sided adhesive reinforced paper tape with modified acrylate dispersion, solvent-fr..

£19.92 Ex VAT: £16.60

Membrane Shears, AB005

Get a perfect cut everytime on illbruck membranes. Designed to cut cleanly and efficiently with a lo..

£15.49 Ex VAT: £12.91

Pro Foam Air Seal, FM330

FM330 is a one part, moisture curing expanding polyurethane foam that ideal for use as an air tight ..

£7.68 Ex VAT: £6.40

Pro Foam B1, FM190

FM190 is a fire rated gun grade expanding polyurethane foam. It can provide up to 4 hours fire resis..

£6.26 Ex VAT: £5.22

Total Protection Tape, ME315

ME315 is a special tape with solvent free modified acrylic dispersion adhesive.Black | 25m Roll..

£15.52 Ex VAT: £12.93

Vapour Barrier Membrane, ME003

ME003 is a 3-ply co-extruded PE membrane which has been developed as a vapour barrier.1.5m - Wi..

£74.40 Ex VAT: £62.00