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Sealants & Adhesives

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125 One Hour Caulk, WHITE

White | 300mlEverflex 125 One Hour Caulk is a fast drying flexible decorators filler and sealant tha..

£1.34 Ex VAT: £1.12

15 Pack Toilet Seat Covers

Value 15 PackIdeal for public ToiletsFlushable MaterialCompact handbag size packDisposable Flushable..

£4.79 £3.00 Ex VAT: £2.50

Acrylic Sealant, LD730 380ml x 25 box

LD730 Acrylic Sealant is a one component, gun grade acrylic sealant with fungicide, designed to prov..

£1.56 Ex VAT: £1.30

Adhesive Tape Primer, ME904

ME904 is used for the pre-treatment of building substrates, e.g. cement particle board, masonry, tim..

£14.83 Ex VAT: £12.36

Air Seal, SP925

SP925 is a one-component, low-viscosity sealant based on hybrid polymer technologies. It is chemical..

£10.57 Ex VAT: £8.81

Arbo 1081 Silicone Sealant

310ml per cartridgeArbosil 1081 is a one part Acetoxy Cure Silicone Sealant which cures on exposure ..

£3.80 £3.76 Ex VAT: £3.13

Bituminous Sealant, OS111 (Box of 24)

OS111 is bituminous sealant and adhesive that can be applied on damp, wet or submerged substrates. I..

£3.25 Ex VAT: £2.71

Building Contractors Acetoxy Silicone, GS360 (Box of 20)

GS360 is a high performance, acetoxy, construction silicone with excellent adhesion, long-term flexi..

£2.51 Ex VAT: £2.09

Butyl & Bitumen Primer, ME901

ME901 Butyl & Bitumen Primer is used as a pre-treatment bonding agent and primer when working wi..

£20.16 Ex VAT: £16.80

Butyl & Bitumen Spray Primer, ME902 (Box of 12)

500 ml per canUsage/PurposeME902 Butyl & Bitumen Spray Primer serves as a bonding agent and prim..

£10.73 Ex VAT: £8.94

Carpet Adhesive, SF110

SF110 is a water based synthetic latex multi-purpose adhesive which has good bond strength and a lon..

£70.75 Ex VAT: £58.96

Duct Sealant, LD410 (Box of 25)

LD410 is a single part gun grade duct sealant. It has been designed for the permanent sealing of low..

£1.88 Ex VAT: £1.57

Duct Sealant, OS120 (Box of 12)

OS120 is a rapid curing duct sealant which gives a firm but flexible seal in low movement joints. It..

£3.59 Ex VAT: £2.99

Endurance Adhesive, OT301 (Box of 20)

OT301 is used for creating airtight joints between illbruck vapour barriers & structural element..

£223.46 Ex VAT: £186.22

EPDM Membrane Adhesive, CT113

CT113 is a viscous liquid adhesive made from a blend of synthetic rubber and resins. It was develope..

£59.16 Ex VAT: £49.30